I Read Today…

Posted on September 7, 2010


I read today that you need to make $75,000 a year to be happy. That, according to an AP article in the Columbus Dispatch, is the launch point from which people feel comfortable in their financial standing. And that, the article said, means happiness for many. Now I now a lot of people who make over $75,000 who are pretty happy, and a lot that don’t seem to be happy at all. I also know people making far less at both ends of the scale. And Brian came home today and said while he was walking, he couldn’t help but think how happy he was today–the weather was perfect, we had met some wonderful new friends–and reconnected with wonderful old ones–over the weekend, our dog was healthy after many challenges, our son was growing faster than a replicating virus–and a lot funnier, and his family loved him more than words could say. Funny, he didn’t mention how much we made annually.

I read several articles today related to education, one of my biggest passions. The Dispatch reported that Ohio colleges are continuing add students and, since I am newly hired to teach journalism at The Ohio State University, that makes me pretty happy. On the Dispatch’s accompanying poll, however, only 60 percent of respondents said they thought people needed a college education to get a good job. What do you think? In a lot of areas I think college is just the beginning, much like high school used to be, and graduate schools will become the “college degree” of the future that sets candidates apart.

I read a great story in the New York Times about teachers getting a chance to fix poor schools by taking over as the administrator. These are basically “teacher-run schools,” which seems like a terrific idea. So many times I have met teachers who really know how a school could best be run, stifled by administrators who know what “should” work, rather than what “does” work in a specific situation. For some reason, the teachers in the article reminded me of the new Columbus International High School principal, Ameer Kim El-Mallawany–committed, passionate, and oh so relatable to his students, as not that many years separate them.

What have you been reading about that interested you?

Do you think a college degree is required to get a good job today?