People Who Don’t Need People

Posted on September 20, 2010


I am officially breaking up with “People” magazine. I think it’s time I moved on to a different magazine.

My husband used to laugh at how excited I would get when “People” arrived in the mailbox. I had a whole ritual–make tea, draw a bath, and let People take me away. George Clooney, Patrick Swayze, Brad Pitt–people and I were together from the Brat Pack and Breakfast Club through Harry Potter. People was like the special dessert you only get when you are really, really good. It was the fancy outfit you buy because you deserve it. It made me excited, even titillated.

Now it just makes me feel dirty.

Yes, I like to read about celebrities. I admit it. I like pictures of pretty people in pretty outfits winning pretty awards. I like to go behind the scenes of my favorite shows and read about movies before they come out. “People”, you used to provide me that fix. What happened?

Maybe it was Kate (minus Jon and kids) on the cover in a bikini who tipped me over the edge (or her six other covers). Or the teen pregnancy people from yet another reality show. Maybe it was one story too many debating Jennifer Aniston’s fertility. And don’t get me started on “Jersey Shore.” Sheeesh!

Whatever the issue, I simply can’t read them any more. I don’t even want the mailman to see me getting this drivel.

I used to scoff at “Entertainment Weekly”–it was no “People,” for criminy sake. And it’s still not. Thank goodness! Now I can get real celebrity news without the lint trappings of Susan Boyle’s newest cat or whether Kristin Stewart is for Team Edward or Team Jacob away from the Twilight set. I truly don’t care about that stuff. I want to know how Avatar was made, and how Ben Affleck rose beyond “Gigli.” I want to know scoops for “Grey’s Anatomy” and what new supernaturals are hitting “True Blood” this season. I want real entertainment news.

Sorry, “People.” We had a good run. Maybe we just grew apart, developed different interests. You are clearly now running with a new crowd, and I’m afraid I just don’t fit in with them. I think it’s time we read other people.

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