People Really Are Reading!

Posted on September 27, 2010


One of my favorite magazines is The Week, which pretty much sums up the entire world for me in 58 pages. And this week’s issue brought me some of the best news yet for present and future journalists–people are still consuming “traditional” media!

According to a Pew Center survey, the web has not cut down on the time people spend on newspapers, TV and magazines. Those same people increased their news “consumption” by 13 minutes a day. They spend close to an hour every day with traditional media–and that is as much time as they spent a year ago.

Hear that people–we are writing and people are reading. It’s awesome!


First round of story ideas are coming in this week from my students–it’s like Christmas. I love to see how their minds work, and to see all the great topics they identify.

Story ideas can be as challenging as the writing itself–has it been done before, can I get the sources, what audience will read this, how do I tell a feature idea from news? They is not to get discouraged, and to believe it’s OK to get creative.

The ideas will come, and the stories will come. And that is when the real fun begins!

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