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Hey MORPC, Leave Halloween Alone!

October 31, 2010


I’m not ready for Halloween to be over. “But it’s not,” I can hear you saying (or thinking). It’s today–dress up, scarf some candy, carve away. Except that in Columbus, Ohio, Halloween is over–and it has been over for three days. Trick or Treating, or Beggar’s Night as it is called in un-PC fashion, was […]

Linking to Multimedia

October 26, 2010


Multimedia lecturer Nick George gave a great presentation today in my 422 class with a whole slew of links to help them get started in multimedia journalism. Here they are in one spot! PS: Remember, Nick and I are teaching 621 (Enterprise Reporting for Diverse Communities) next quarter, and we’d love to have you in […]

Using My Friends for the Greater Good

October 20, 2010


In the spirit of, “If you can’t ask your your friends for help, what good are they?” I have pestered a few of my friends to share themselves and their talents with my news classes, and their help and insights have been amazing. It started Tuesday in one section of my News Media Presentation class […]

I Believe in the 4th Estate and John Patrick Carney

October 16, 2010


My beginning news writing class was treated last week to a visit from State Rep. John Patrick Carney from Ohio’s 22nd House District, who shared with them his thoughts on politics and the media, and how much they need each other to be responsible and accountable. I will admit to inviting Carney with bias. I […]

The Confidence of Roy Halladay

October 6, 2010


I just watched Roy Halladay pitch a near perfect no-hitter for my beloved Philadelphia Phillies, and couldn’t help but be struck by how calm he was. Pre-game, during the game, post-game, I have never seen a pitcher more unflappable or less emotional, who instilled more confidence than Halladay. But for a lone walk, he was […]

Ratting Out the Death of Service

October 1, 2010


Our rat Nash died. OK, let’s mourn a moment, though I will admit she was not my favorite rat. Named for the Blue Jackets’ Rick Nash, she was white and red-eyed, and she bit to draw blood more than was nice. Her sister, Stinger, was of the same coloring and personality, and I didn’t miss […]