Using My Friends for the Greater Good

Posted on October 20, 2010


In the spirit of, “If you can’t ask your your friends for help, what good are they?” I have pestered a few of my friends to share themselves and their talents with my news classes, and their help and insights have been amazing.

It started Tuesday in one section of my News Media Presentation class with respected racing writer Bill Finley of the New York Times,, SirisXM fame, who discussed his background and variety of media experiences. We followed Wednesday in my other  News Media Presentation class with Michael Paull, one of my former students, who now serves as an information architect  and digital product manager at the  Dispatch Printing Company, including the Columbus Dispatch, 10TV and This Week News, who allowed us to see and think about websites and search engine optimization like we never have before.

Nate Ellis of This Week News and Dan Trittschuh of Suburban News Publications next talked to my Reporting Across Platforms class about their experiences in weekly newspapers, preparing to launch us into discussions of hyperlocal reporting.

I am honored for our classes to have hosted these incredibly talented journalists, and I hope they inspire my promising and enthusiastic students. Maybe they already did. Just hours after our class one of my students called my cell phone, not to ask about an assignment or due date, but to tell me was front and center at a bank robbery at the Ohio Union. He wanted to cover it, so I immediately headed to The Lantern newsroom to hook him up with the editors there. I look forward to hopefully seeing his byline tomorrow!

My 421 students may be beginning news writers, but they are also ready to challenge themselves with video and audio projects to complement their final class projects, and to that end I was (as always) excited to see this post from online journalism queen Mindy McAdams, a professor a the University of Florida.

Michael mentioned her blog in class today, and he and couldn’t agree more on what a resource she is to budding journalists. I wanted to make sure my students make her part of their online world, and her blog from last Friday–entitled “Storytelling with the Annoying Orange” gave a great intro to digital  storytelling.

Before I started teaching full time, I remember thinking, “Two hours a day, two days a week for each class–I hope I have enough to teach!”

Now every week I say, “Two hours a day, two days a week for each class–that isn’t nearly enough time!”

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