Smarter Than Me

Posted on November 18, 2010


Jake Parillo of Google visited Ohio State earlier this quarter and said he left a prior job for a great reason: “I was tired of being the smartest person in the room,” he said. “That doesn’t happen at Google.”

It doesn’t happen at Ohio State either, and I love it.

This week we started with Danielle Elias from 10TV (Columbus’ CBS affiliate) and followed with Jim Schaefer, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter from the Detroit Free Press, who is a graduate of Ohio State. Both were funny, insightful, original and inspiring. We followed with Mike Thompson of WOSU, our public television and radio station, and also heard from Andrew Cohen, the CBS News legal correspondent. Both were insightful and thought-provoking, while Mike gets special kudos for talking through the ongoing bomb scare alarm going off next door!

Every day at Ohio State I am surrounded by the best and brightest and most accomplished, from my fantastic journalism co-workers to the budding journalists we send forth from our classes. Every day we are compelled by new topics, mentally challenged by unique viewpoints, and inspired by quality and creativity. Today we spent our class period discussing the social media pursuits of such established and respected journalists as Buzz Bissinger, Scott Raab and Anderson Cooper, and debating how we, as journalists, want to use social media. How do we want to be known and identified? What will get us hired and respected, recognized and read–and are they the same?

We had more questions than answers, but I think we all left with our heads a little fuller, our thoughts a little broader, our intentions a little more flexible.

How wonderful to be surrounded by such smart people.