End of the Quarter

Posted on December 1, 2010


Tomorrow ends my first quarter teaching full time, and we will be going out with a bang. Scott Raab, esteemed writer and father of the Whore of Akron Twitter feed will be coming to our final Comm 422 class of autumn quarter to share his experiences with using social media.

I’m a little sad that the quarter is ending–I loved my job change, my classes and my students–and yet I am also excited for the opportunity the next quarter will bring. Continuing with my fantastic 421 students into 422 will terrific. Crafting the new 621 curriculum with Nick George will be a great challenge. And what can I say about my beloved magazine writing class–40 more people with whom I can share my passion. How can you beat it?

I am perhaps most excited, however, to have the chance to do better.

This quarter was a learning experience for my students and for me. There are many things that went well, and I believe they learned skills that will benefit them in their further academic pursuits and in the working world. But there are also things I would have done differently, and I am grateful to my students for providing some great feedback on how the classes could be better for students of the future.

How wonderful it is to learn from them.

I told them today don’t ever say you wrote the perfect story–keep striving for every article to be better. And if you think every day, “I can do better,” then you will.

And maybe I should look at teaching the same way. I will strive every day to do better–to know and transmit more and better information, to teach more smoothly and effectively, to some day be perfect at my craft.

But I hope I never get there.

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