Tim Horton’s Loving Cup

Posted on January 29, 2011


My son, Danny, has a few true loves in his life.

Hockey is certainly one.

Doughnut are another.

And the day he got to join them both when he became the Tim Horton’s coffee cup mascot at the Jan. 25 Columbus Blue Jackets game may just have been one of the greatest of his life.

Our friend Dilara Casey hooked him up, and it answered for us that age old question: Just what crazy person walks around in those suits. First Danny dressed in his 15-foot high costume–inflated with air for the full coffee feel–and then he paraded about the concourse like a New Years Eve mummer, high-fiving, hugging and posing for photos with all the Tim Horton’s fans. And there were a lot! Grown women nearly cried at the chance to “meet” Tim Horton’s coffee.

After a break for two periods, Danny was resuited for doughnut sharing third-period event with Stinger and the Pepsi Power Patrol, marred only by a CBJ fan who did not take well to Danny blocking his view, and who tried to dump the cup over–from the top.

“HEY!” I shouted. “There’s somebody’s kid in there!” to which he told me in words not fit for a family blog where my child and I could go. After I promised to shove him should he feel the need to again shove my child, we seemed to come to a détente (or mutually assured destruction), and Danny enjoyed the rest of his costumed stay unaccosted–except for the body/cup butt rub from one of the Pepsi girls. Every mother’s dream.

Dilara has hinted more cup appearances might be in Danny’s future (unless his insane mother curtailed those dreams). Danny’s only question: Next time, can he be hot chocolate?

Getting suited up!

Anne from Tim Horton's fits the suit.

Joining his cup brothers and sisters at the CBJ Tim Horton's.

Ready to dance with the Pepsi girls!

The Tim Horton's team who made it all possible--thanks Dilara (on right)!

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