On the C-Bus Wine Trail

Posted on March 26, 2012


All those years of drinking wine in Napa Valley–and beyond–have finally paid off–I am officially the new wine blogger for Drink Up Columbus, Cheryl Harrison’s fabulous blog about imbibing in the Capital City.

I had the amazing opportunity to work for three years in the Valley as an editor at the Napa Valley Register. It was a magical time filled with carefully sculpted food and drink, personalities as grand as the valley itself, and friends who I treasure to this day. Many of us were transplants to that utopia, barely making enough money to pay rent in a tourist mecca, but eating at restaurants so exclusive they had no signs out front, and drinking $100 bottles of Cabernet with people like Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Mondavi and Bob Weir–all as part of our job.

Fantasy lives, though, can only be sustained so long, and when I was offered a considerable raise to come to Columbus and write about my passion of horse racing, we reversed the adage and went east.

But we never lost the love of fine wine, as the 100-plus bottles in my basement can attest.

Cheryl Harrison

Racing led me to Ohio State for graduate school. Graduate school led me to another, even greater passion: teaching. And teaching led me to Cheryl Harrison.

I met Cheryl when she came to speak to my Ohio State journalism class about blogging. I knew we would get along as soon as she handed me her business card which states quite simply, “I am a good idea.”

Cheryl whirled her way around the blogosphere like a comet, with my students hanging on to her tail, clinging for dear life as she whipping through the twists and turns. If she (and our other guest, Nick Dekker of Breakfast With Nick) didn’t inspire them to blog, no one could.

She sure inspired me.

So I mentioned to Cheryl my affection for and experience with wine. And she said, “Come on board.” My first piece, “Raising the (Wine) Bar: Wine on High,” was posted yesterday.

So here we go–drink up Columbus!

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