A New Beginning–Ending the Ohio State Quarter System with a Bang

Posted on May 26, 2012


You know that feeling when you realize you haven’t blogged for a while, and you know you need to write something, and so many things have happened to blog about that it’s hard to pick a topic, and they are all timely?

Welcome to my Saturday night.

I am spending it as every good professor should–preparing for our conversion to semesters. (OK, it’s a little pathetic, but I am going to the Indy 500 tomorrow so I don’t feel like a complete dud.) Summer marks my first semester class of magazine writing–used to be 602, now 4202, and that’s the easiest part of this change–but it’s only seven weeks, and I’m still teaching two days a week, so it’s not so different. In the fall, however, we go to four days a week of 50-minute classes for our combined news writing classes, and that is going to take some configuring.

The quarter is ending on a pretty high note, with my students showing some real progress and enthusiasm, and last week I hope inspired them even more.

Class guests included the clever Dispatch sports columnist Rob Oller, a program alum, who provided the good the bad and the funny about being a columnist. He was followed in another session by Bob Kendrick, Columbus’ broadcasting’s Dr. Octopus, who seemingly does six jobs at once as he shoots, writes and produces pieces, while anchoring the work of others.

And then we had the quarter’s coup de gras,  with the first of what I plan to make a regular feature, an Ohio State Journalism Mini-Seminar. Our first foray into this venue was “Let the Sun Shine In: Learning to Make Public Records Work for You. Our speakers included Doug Haddix of the Kiplinger Program, Columbus Dispatch schools reporter Jennifer Smith Richards and Lauren Lubow of the Ohio Attorney Generals’ office, who shared what seemed to be a quarter’s worth of information in just a two-hour span. I Storified it for anyone who missed it!

We are literally days away from our conversion to semesters, and it does indeed feel like an ending. But it also feels like a rebirth and an opportunity to re-examine, refine and rejuvenate all that we do.

Are you ready?

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