Posted on August 23, 2012


Kraft Comm Classes

Your mother started this great new business raising and releasing butterflies in your community.

Your college roommate was robbed at gunpoint.

The coffee shop your best friend’s mom owns has been selected for a national honor for all its charity work.

Your sorority has been able to get Hillary Clinton to come to a meeting.

All great stories and you have the scoop. Except you can’t write any of them.

Why not? Conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest is anything that could, actually or potentially, undermine your impartiality as a journalist. Journalists at every level must be careful of real or perceived conflict of interest, meaning they are personally connected to a story, source or issue in a way that could influence how she or he writes the story, or–and this is important–there is even the ILLUSION of such a conflict.

I can hear you now: “My grandparents have…

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