Tuning in with iTunes U

Posted on November 26, 2012


Our semester ends in about two weeks, but that is when my real adventure begins.

On Dec. 12 I head west to Cupertino, Calif., for two fun-packed days at Apple’s main headquarters to create an iTunes U course with 11 of my Ohio State colleagues.

I still can’t believe I was one of only a dozen people chosen for this iTunes Boot Camp, which will have us spending two days on the Apple campus to put together our course shell and populate it with as much content as we have completed. The plan is to make the courses live in January for our students and the world.

My focus has been the new Media Law & Ethics course that I am teaching this spring, which has meant getting the syllabus, power points, and supporting materials together, as well as creating a sampling of videos to introduce different concepts. I will then add videos as we go through our course work, especially the lecture audio and the class highlight–recreations of key legal cases from history and the future. (Intriguing I know!)

Here is a sampling of one of our videos. I’ll let you know when the course launches so you, too, can be a student at iTunes U!


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