Words, Words Everywhere and Barely a Piece to Write

Posted on February 13, 2013


I don’t have writer’s block–I’m certain of that. I actually have a million ideas revolving around in my head, and I keep meeting interesting people and enjoying amazing experiences that would all be worth writing about.

The challenge truly is finding the time.

Teaching four classes is invigorating, and my students inspire me every day. And I consider myself lucky every day I get to read their writing and see how far they advance with every new sentence.

But between editing their stories, preparing  for classes, prepping for a new (fifth) class I start teaching next week, preparing for a visit from The New York Times’ David Carr (for our Stewart Lecture Series), helping to select undergrad award recipients for our annual School of Comm honors, posting materials for my Media Law & Ethics  iTunes U course (11,000 subscribers), editing a friend’s book, and a variety of speaking engagements, blogging and writing have been pushed to the back burning.

I refuse, however, to be one of those people who teaches advice I won’t take myself, so I am getting back in the writing saddle, as it were.

I recently found out I won’t be teaching a summer session course this year, and after my wave of disappointment crested, I rode the next wave toward writing inspiration and reached out to two of my favorite editors to let them know I am ready to start planning for summer stories. And the idea file is out and ready to be filled up with ideas and magazines.

I’m so grateful for the whirling dervish who is Cheryl Harrison for prompting me to write on Drink Up Columbus (and not taking no for an answer). I am grateful also for editors who keep reaching out and asking me to write (Julann Hohbach, you know I’m talking about you). And to those out there with story ideas, lay them on me!

No, writer’s block is not my problem–making more hours in the day is.

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