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OSU Journalism iPads: One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forward

August 31, 2013


We are just completing our first week with the iPads, and we may finally be hitting our stride. Tuesday was spent with Cory Tressler getting acclimated with our apps, setting up email and preferences, and encasing them in our OtterBox. Almost every students seemed to sigh in relief once the iPad was ensconced in the OtterBox, […]

Deer Meet Headlights: It’s time to take a ride

August 21, 2013


First class down, no iPads yet in hand, and already I can feel a variety of emotion exuding from my Comm 2221 students that ranges from excitement and enthusiasm to panic. I encouraged them to panic–for next three hours, and then it’s time to start working. There were 32 of us in the room, including […]

In the Beginning, there were iPads

August 19, 2013


Three months in the making. $25,000 expended. An entire course rewritten, revised and revised again. And it begins tomorrow. The Digital First Impact Grant goes from concept to reality starting tomorrow, as we unpack 30 iPads with Otterbox cases, microphones, keyboards and other accessories. We will load them with apps, inventory and affix with ID […]