Deer Meet Headlights: It’s time to take a ride

Posted on August 21, 2013


First class down, no iPads yet in hand, and already I can feel a variety of emotion exuding from my Comm 2221 students that ranges from excitement and enthusiasm to panic.
I encouraged them to panic–for next three hours, and then it’s time to start working.
There were 32 of us in the room, including me and our GA Natalee, just about capacity.
I was excited there were seven people (just under 25 percent) who acknowledged owning iPads, and all but two raised their hand when I asked about comfort with Twitter.
The class make-up is 20 women and 10 men, 16 journalism majors, 12 Ag Comm majors, an English major and a communication major.
We have two Chinese nationals, an Ethiopian, a transfer student from Valpariso and a pair of young women who are admirably fascinated by Middle East politics.
The best line of the day came from one young woman who said she love to write and she loves to gossip and tell people what she knows.
Ah, the perfect recipe for a journalist.
I shared with them our opportunity for new technology and for research, and those who came up after class were extremely enthusiastic.
Tomorrow we will explain consent and those willing to venture into research will sign up. On Friday the deployment begins after a brief setup delay awaiting app codes from Wired Out and serial numbers.
To get into the spirit, I vow to do everything I can for Comm 2221, starting right now, on the iPad.
I’m starting with blogging and all social media, with the exception of setting up lists on Twitter, for which I seem to need the laptop.
Yes my “deer” friends, the headlights that shocked you this morning represent the ride of a lifetime. I can’t wait to begin.

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