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Think Different, Teach Different, Learn Different: An Apple iTunes U Adventure

February 1, 2014


The bare stage, artistically lit, adorned with just three director chairs and framed by a movie-sized projection screen bearing the Apple logo, seemed the perfect setting for one of the computer company’s familiar product launches or insightful tech instruction. There was only one major difference at this event: This time the stage was set for […]

Is There iPad Proof in the Points?

September 24, 2013


Our iPad research project is actually composed of two separate aspects: the tool and the content delivery. Our belief is the iPads will help make our students better and more quickly prepared for journalism married with multimedia and social media, and we are already seeing those results. They have been Tweeting and linking since day […]

OSU Journalism iPads: One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forward

August 31, 2013


We are just completing our first week with the iPads, and we may finally be hitting our stride. Tuesday was spent with Cory Tressler getting acclimated with our apps, setting up email and preferences, and encasing them in our OtterBox. Almost every students seemed to sigh in relief once the iPad was ensconced in the OtterBox, […]

In the Beginning, there were iPads

August 19, 2013


Three months in the making. $25,000 expended. An entire course rewritten, revised and revised again. And it begins tomorrow. The Digital First Impact Grant goes from concept to reality starting tomorrow, as we unpack 30 iPads with Otterbox cases, microphones, keyboards and other accessories. We will load them with apps, inventory and affix with ID […]

Columbus uncovers secrets behind a ‘Dirty War’

July 11, 2013


The film was over and the credits rolling, but the theater audience remained mute, staring straight ahead at the screen. It was only after the post-viewing speakers walked toward the stage that the silence was broken, as the audience members rose one by one, their applause infectious until the capacity crowd was on its collective […]

Previewing the New Columbus Dispatch, and Hoping for a Bright Shiny Future

July 12, 2012


The offer came amid the copious content in my June 24 Sunday Columbus Dispatch: In his column, “The Inside Story,” editor Ben Marrison said not a week went by that someone didn’t seek a preview of the upcoming format change for The Dispatch–and now was our chance. “For those of you who are interested in […]

Teaching LiFE at The Lantern

June 29, 2012


Summer is usually the quietest time around the Ohio State campus, as we teach just a smattering of classes and work slows down for full-time staffers. But around the Journalism Building Thursday we had a full house, as I hosted 25 members of the Ohio State LiFE Sports Camp and Clinic in the Lantern newsroom […]