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Writers Talking and Writing

August 9, 2011


I have been surrounded by words from inspiring people this week, and that, of course, inspires me to write. Spent part of the morning with the Statewide Editors Association talking about the publishing of trade magazines and the special challenges and opportunities they represent. Several dozen editors and writers from across America gather annually for […]

Who Said There are No Journalism Jobs–Here is One!

July 18, 2011


I know you’ve heard me say it before, but  I love my students. And of the things I love best is when they cease to be my students and go into the world to be successful. Abbey Miller was one such student, who was a great writer for me, and now is a great writer […]

Do I Hit for the Fences and Risk a Strike-Out, or Go for a Safer Single?

July 11, 2011


Today, I’m sending a story idea to Cosmopolitan. I think. Or maybe I’ll send it to Bitch. Or Bust. What to do? As a writer, I have been really lucky. I’ve interviewed NHL coaches and Olympic gold medalists, NBA players, world-renowned chefs, high-ranking elected officials and nationally known writers. My stories have featured everything from […]

Meeting Mac

June 30, 2011


I’m not sure what I love more today, Google Alerts or Twitter, for both brought an exceptional experience–and person–to my magazine writing class. I have a Google Alert set up for “Columbus, Ohio,” because I’m always looking for story ideas that pertain to, well, Columbus, Ohio. And last week when I returned to home after […]

Of Tressel, ‘Bang Bang’ and Multimedia Journalism–Closing Out the Year at Ohio State

June 5, 2011


Life is full of surprises. Last April I could not have been more surprised when School of Communication director Dr. Carroll Glynn wrote me a one sentence email that changed my life: “Would you like to teach full-time at Ohio State?”  I had been teaching one class at OSU (my beloved magazine writing) for six […]

Good Morning and Good Luck~Of Murrow and Woodstien and Frost

May 26, 2011


My students no doubt know by now how much I love movies. For the first time this quarter we instituted Journalism Movie Night here at Ohio State, where we gather to enjoy pizza, candy and a cinematic rendering of journalistic pursuit. And every quarter I look forward to sharing with them a film that represents […]

Put Down the Phone–We Are Rockin’ With Bon Jovi!

May 11, 2011


My son and I went to see Bon Jovi at Nationwide Arena last night, to revisit my youth (though I’d never revisit age 14 on a bet), and expose my kid to an arguable  rock god (so he can see Big Time Rush is not exactly classic rock-n-roll). It should have been an evening filled […]

How do I know Osama bin Laden is Dead? A Little Bird Told Me.

May 2, 2011


I will admit my gut reaction was old school. When I heard that President Obama was giving a little impromptu 10:30 p.m. Sunday televised speech–without a shred of detail to foreshadow such a jaw-dropping event–I turned on the TV with the remote control in my left hand and tuned to CNN. With my right hand, […]

Journalism Schools Connect Through Twitter

April 19, 2011


Just had a great hour talking journalism with a group of students from–Ohio University. And no, I didn’t forget to put “State” in there. My boss, Dr. Carroll Glynn, was contacted by Sarah Grothjan (@SarahGrothjan), co-editor for INC, a weekly publication that reports on journalism-related news and commentary for faculty and staff of OU’s E.W. […]

Stop and Smell the Stories

April 9, 2011


I would not be surprised if my Ohio State journalism students have nightmares about the phrase “story ideas.” In all of my classes–news writing, multimedia, social media, magazine writing–each student has to come up with what must feel like 100 story ideas (actually 5-10), and it seems to torture them. It’s not merely the idea–it’s […]